St. Lawrence Central Elementary School

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Building Project

Dear Community Members,

Every 5 years school districts are required to complete a Building Condition Survey. This survey is completed through the use of an architect and engineers. The product of the survey is a summary of the District’s physical condition. This is a very useful tool when identifying items that need to be addressed.

Our most recent Building Condition Survey was completed in 2015 and demonstrated a wide variety of issues our aging buildings and campus are experiencing. Just like your own house, if we continue to let building and grounds issues build then our problems only become worse.

We have taken some steps to alleviate a future build up of problems through systematically addressing building issues on a yearly basis. We hope these smaller yearly projects will allow us to prevent bigger issues in the future. But the fact remains that the last building project  was completed 11 years ago in 2006. We did complete an emergency project to replace our boilers several years ago when the building was without heat. But this didn’t address our mounting building issues.

With this in mind, our facilities committee has spent the past 1 ½ years developing and prioritizing a list of our current building and grounds needs. This list was compiled through results from our Building Condition Survey, items left out of past projects, district survey about current student needs, future needs, and board of education community input. This has been a difficult process because we have many needs but can’t fix or add everything at once.

We also maintain the philosophy that the project would have no additional tax burden on the local community! This is very important to us. Our community has been a great support to our school and we hope to continue this positive relationship now and in the future. With this in mind, we have developed a project scope that is both respectful to the local taxpayer and responsible to our students and school.

The following is a brief overview of the project. More information will be available on our website. A public vote to approve the project will be held December 12th from 12:00-8:00pm in the middle school gym.

$17,653,500 Building Project

Project Finance

Project is 98% State Aid Eligible

    • NYS will pay 98 cents of every aidable dollar spent
    • The remaining 2 cents as well as any unaidable work is the local share

Project is Excel Aid eligible

- $326,651 of excel aid will be used for the project

- Excel aid is money given to the District by the NYS to cover cost of certain items.

Local Share (Money from the local taxpayer)

    • The local share will be $1,220,065 over 15 years
    • Over the same 15 years $1,369,414 of current debt will be retired
  • Net effect will be a tax impact of minus $149,349
  • We will retire more debt over the life of this project than we will incur.

(In other words, if this were a monthly car payment we would continue to pay the same amount per month as we are right now for our building debt. Actually our monthly payment will go down over the life of the project. There is no additional tax burden than what we have right now as a result of this project!)

What’s in the project?

Here is a general summary of the project scope:

Elementary Pool

  • Replace floor tile & decking
  • Replace pump & filtration system
  • Replace piping through deck
  • Refurbish locker rooms

Elementary Building Walls & Foundation

  • Repair shifted foundation walls
  • Repair open control joints, dried caulking & exposed wood block
  • Repair damaged brick

Elementary Boiler Room

  • Replace exposed and corroded steel floor reinforcement
  • Replace crumbling ceiling
  • Insulate water pipes and heat ducts

Elementary Classrooms & Halls

  • Replace non ADA compliant bathrooms in classrooms
  • Create egress for obstructed emergency windows
  • Repair damaged corridor walls & combustible wooden cubbies
  • Improve cafeteria ventilation

Elementary Gym

  • Refurbish old floor
  • Replace non ADA compliant bleachers
  • Replace deteriorating wall padding
  • Remodel non ADA compliant locker rooms

Parking Areas & Sidewalks

  • Resurface deteriorating asphalt throughout campus
  • Replace deteriorating sidewalks
  • Reconfigure elementary traffic flow

Athletic Fields

  • Replacing our football field with a multi use turf field
    • Current fields are overused and can’t recover from school & community usage.
    • Uneven, rutted, rocky field surface

MS/HS Duct & Piping

  • Remove collapsed ductwork
  • Insulate water and heat ducts
  • Replace rusted & corroded floor supports

MS/HS Foundation & Walls

  • Repair cracked & damaged foundation
  • Repair cracked brick & block
  • Repair east wall for moisture control


  • Replace lighting with energy efficient LED

Teaching Spaces

  • Replace large support columns in library & cafeteria
  • Remove asbestos floor tile from DL room and planetarium
  • Reconstruction of teaching spaces in library computer lab & music rooms to provide more space
  • Create large group instruction space within current building
  • Increase electrical outlets in classrooms


  • Replace splintering stage floor
  • Install air conditioning
  • Replace sound booth structure

MS Gym & Locker rooms

  • Floor reconstruction
  • ADA compliant bleachers
  • LED lighting
  • Replace locker rooms