St. Lawrence Central Elementary School

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Classroom Collaboration

This project collaboration between  Ms. Paine's Grade 12 classroom and Ms. Brockway's Grade 3 classroom has proven to help and engage students of all ages. 
 Ms. Paine shares how this project came to fruition:
"The project itself began as a research project for the Grade 12 students. They spent time in class researching their chosen careers in order to share this information with classmates. Once students gathered their information, they created presentations using Google slides in order to share information regarding their careers to their fellow classmates.  The next step of the project was to transform the information so that it was appropriate to the needs and reading levels of a third grade audience. The 12th graders were able to become the "experts" and use their own knowledge in order to write an informative alphabet book geared to a third grade audience. As many of our students attend BOCES, this was a chance for them to share their expertise in regards to technical vocabulary as well. Students spent time in class composing and revising their alphabet books, as well as, creating original images to represent each letter in their alphabet book. Before we met with Ms. Brockway's third grade class, the students received a letter from their reading buddy and were able to respond. On the actual day the students got to meet their buddy and share all their hard work. Both classes had a great time!" 
Thank you to both classrooms and teachers who made this project possible!
Click this link to see all the photos: