St. Lawrence Central Elementary School

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Creation Day 1.0: Your Vote is Needed!

To help promote Quad D learning experiences at St. Lawrence Central Elementary, the entirety of the school engaged in a half-day whole-school project.  Quad D learning experiences are those that use higher order thinking skills such as analysis, synthesis, and evaluation while having a high degree of relevance to our students’ lives.  Out of this thought, Creation Day was born.


On the morning of December 22nd all students were given the following task:  Name all of the hallways in our school with the names having a central theme.  This student driven activity calls upon the use of creative, critical thinking while also incorporating technology as each class used the Explain Everything iPad app to label maps and narrate their choices for names.


Your help is needed to help select one class to be the winner of the challenge, which will leave an indelible mark upon our school.  This winning class, as decided by the votes of the community, will have their naming scheme applied to our school hallways.


You can view the launch video for the activity at:



You can view each classroom’s submission by clicking their name below:

Ms. Mahoney- Cereal

Mrs. Arquiett- Pokemon

Mrs. Hahn- Super Heroes

Miss McCuin- Dinosaurs

Mrs. Lawrence- Star Wars

Mr. Sharp- Frozen

Mrs. Evans- Paw Patrol

Mrs. Perry- Sponge Bob

Mrs. McLean- Animals

Mrs. Cunningham- Sea Creatures

Mrs. Mainville- Cool Cartoons

Mrs. Cushing- Humor

Mrs. Russell- Paw Patrol

Mrs. Colterman-  Candy

Miss Brockway- Reindeer

Mrs. Craft- Awesome Animal Names

Ms. Roshia- Sponge Bob

Mrs. Fennell- Animals



You can vote for your favorite naming scheme at: