St. Lawrence Central Elementary School

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Masks Outside: Update

To all SLC Staff, Parents, and Community,

Late last evening we received new guidance that no longer requires masks to be worn outdoors on school grounds.  We will be following this guidance and as such will consider all outdoor time during the school day to be a mask break.  

Anyone wishing to wear a mask while outdoors is certainly welcome to continue with this.  

Section X schools will be communicating today to determine what this will look like for our high school athletes during contests, however we will not be requiring masks for practices.  

Please understand that masks are still required inside the building and while on school transportation.  We will also continue to follow all other outdoor safety protocols regarding hygiene, appropriate distancing, and cohorting as appropriate. 

This is very welcome news and another great step toward normal times.  Thank you to our students, staff, and parents for your continued support and cooperation. 

Please contact any administrative offices with questions or concerns. 

 Mr. Chris Rose,

Superintendent of Schools